Frequently Asked Questions

I did not fill in my passport number at registration.

For all cashouts (reminder: at least €50), we first have to receive a copy of the passport or the Belgian identity card.

You can email this to

I do not receive email from

Maybe our email end up in your spam box, add us ( to your contacts to prevent this from happening.

Is a legal online gaming site?

Yes, has received the necessary licenses (A+ license, B+ license, F+ license) from the Belgian Gaming Commission to offer casino games, dice games, and sports betting. We also respect the principles of the interest of the player as imposed by the Gaming Commission. This includes the maximum loss per hour, or monitoring the payout percentage.

At what age can I play at

The minimum age to be allowed to participate in online casino games and dice games in Belgium is 21, the minimum age for sports betting is 18. This means that you will be able to make use of our online sports betting site at the age of 18, but your access to casino games and dice games will be restricted if you are under 21.

Which professions are not allowed to play?

The Belgian law states that police officers and notaries are not allowed to play games of chance. In that case you are also not allowed to register at

How can I make a deposit to

You can use HIPAY, ING Home Pay, and the PAYSAFE CARD. When you click "Deposit" at the top right, you can view all options.

Can I make an immediate deposit to using a credit card?

No, according to Belgian law it is not possible to make a direct deposit using your credit card.

What should I do when I am a problem gambler?

When you think you have got a gambling problem, we strongly advise you to seek help. See for more information:

How long does it take before a withdrawal is deposited into my account?

A withdrawal will be handled within two business days. Depending on your bank it may take an additional 1 to 3 days before the money is available on your account.

Can I reset my password / login?

Send an email to with your email address, and we will reset your password. Afterwards you can adjust it on your profile page.

How can I close my account?

We do not have the ability to completely erase your information from our records. This is done in close cooperation with the Gaming Commission.

You need to apply for blocking via the form on the website

If you do not want to receive any newsletters or other communications anymore, send an email to

My account is blocked, what is the reason for this?

It may be that your account is blocked from playing at an online gaming site by the Gaming Commission. The Gaming Commission does not give a reason, so you should contact them:

Is this not the case? Then send an email to

I cannot load the games on my computer.

You probably have to update your Flash Player. To do this, visit the Adobe website:


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or are experiencing any difficulties. We would love to help.

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