Mega Multi Bet Weekend

23 August 2019

There’s plenty of sports events worthy of a sharp bet these days, with world class cycling, tennis, motorsport and football action all around the world. To our community of sports bettors, that’s means plenty of chances to win big money! At, you could win even more, thanks to our Mega Multi Bet Weekend promotion: this weekend from Friday August 23 at 6 p.m. until Sunday August 25 at 11.59 p.m., all multi bets of 6 or more selections will automatically get double bonuses!

At, you get more than you can get on other sites. By default, we give you 1% extra for every selection you add to your single bet. If you accumulate 5 bets into a multi bet, you get 5% if all of them are winning; a 20-fold multi bet that is winning adds an additional 20%. This additional bonus is automatically added on your winnings. You can use this bonus to boost your winnings as you see fit.

This Mega Multi Bet Weekend promotion at takes this unique concept to a whole new level. This upcoming weekend only, all multi bets of 6 or more selections will receive double accumulator bonuses. That’s right: 6 selections automatically give an accumulator bonus of 12%, and 20 selections will add 40%! Check the list below to see how much extra you could make this weekend:

  • 6-fold: 12%
  • 7-fold: 14%
  • 8-fold: 16%
  • 9-fold: 18%
  • 10-fold: 20%
  • 11-fold: 22%
  • 12-fold: 24%
  • 13-fold: 26%
  • 14-fold: 28%
  • 15-fold: 30%
  • 16-fold: 32%
  • 17-fold: 34%
  • 18-fold: 36%
  • 19-fold: 38%
  • 20-fold or more: 40%

Let’s take a quick look at all the sports action before us! This weekend, we have the start of La Vuelta a España in cycling, while on Monday the US Open starts. On September 1, motorsport fans can look forward to the Belgian Grand Prix Formula 1 at Spa-Francorchamps, and of course, there’s plenty of national and international football to keep us busy over the next few weeks. Share this promo on Facebook and place your bets now!

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