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Online gambling should always remain a means of entertainment. Responsible gaming is a very important topic for Read more on this page.

To the Gaming Commission help page takes responsible gaming very seriously. Online gambling should always remain a means of entertainment. Players who find themselves unable to stop playing, to stick to their budget or who can’t resist attempting to make up for possible losses might very well be dealing with a gambling addiction, in which case we urge you to seek help.

The Belgian Gaming Commission, which works with all licensed operators of games of chance such as ourselves and guards over the protection of the player, can help. If you find yourself in this situation, you can request to be excluded from games of chance, which can be done through their easy to fill in form. This request, which we will immediately comply with, is the only way to tackle problematic gaming behaviour.

Download the official Belgian Gaming Commision flyer: EN - FR - NL - DE

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