Strange bets that have won a fortune

Over the past decade, there has been a huge influx in betting on sport - the introduction of websites to manage the process on has seen numbers of online sports betters sky rocket. When the user bets online, they obviously hope to make a return on the bet they have made - and in some cases there have been some amazing upsets in terms of how much has been won.

1. Mali’s dramatic comeback

Mali found themselves in a dire situation of being 4-0 down to Angola. There were only 11 minutes remaining and the odds for the live betting option dropped to 1000-1 for Mali to get four goals back, which seems like a bet that would be impossible to get a return on. However, one brave viewer placed £5 (€5.876) for Mali to comeback and draw the match. They eventually did, thanks to Angola’s nervous defending goal by goal. The lucky bettor took home £5,000 (€5,876) when Mali drew 4-4.

2.  The 25,000-1 bet

Horse racing jockey, Frankie Dettori conquered Ascot in 1996 by winning all seven races at the event. It seemed very unlikely for anyone to manage this miraculous feat, which showed in the odds. It was a huge bet to make and to commit to, but Darren Yeats dared to take it. He placed a bet of £59 (€69.3) and turned it into £550,000 (€644,000). A fantastic win!

3. The Xabi Alonso bet

In 2006 Adrian Hayward from the United Kingdom made a bet that was very unlikely to win money from. He made the bet on Liverpool midfielder Xabi Alonso to score from his own half anytime throughout the season. He wagered £200 (€234) at odds of 125-1, which paid off when Alonso scored a goal from an amazing distance during an FA Cup  against Luton, which won him £25,000 (€29,250).

4. 50 cents turned into £1,000,000 (€1.17 million)

An eight-horse combination bet of extraordinary odds of 2,000,000-1 was the bet a lucky bettor made. A bettor who claimed he only chose the horses based on their names! We’re certain he felt pretty happy when he won £1,000,000 on a 50 pence bet – wouldn’t you?

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