Online Gaming could make way for Google Glass

Google has been making a lot of noise lately about a development which could revolutionise the way we take pictures and record video - Google Glass. An idea which has been frequently seen in sci-fi movies in the past, Google now has a product that can perform what we have seen on the big screen – this news has taken the world by storm. Many industries plan to embrace Google Glass and try to implement it into their line of work. The same invariably applies to the gaming industry.

Online casinos and Google Glass

Google GlassWhen new technology breakthroughs embrace retail stores, many industries have to adapt quickly to the advancements in hardware. The online gaming industry is no different; with the introduction of mobile and tablet devices we have added the capability to play poker online on your mobile.

With the introduction to Google Glass, industries are treating it as a new device where they have to implement the product to fit the service they provide. We have implemented mobile devices to match customers and user changes in the past, so chances are we will also investigate the possibilities here.

A new potential of mobility

With everyone gripped to using their mobile device, at home or on their travels, it is something which is putting pressure on software developers, both to make the software available, and adapting it to new technological innovations. With Google Glass, the online casino experience has limitless opportunities. Google Glass is not available for the public just yet, however once it does, it has the potential to revolutionise the future of gaming. It also has the potential to cause problematic situations in land-based casinos…! has over 40 online casino games that you can enjoy. Click here to see for yourself. uses cookies to enhance your experience on our gaming site. By continuing, you are consenting to this.

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