Belgian Grand Prix is Coming

Jensen ButtonFormula One is a sport of power, skill and the determination and will to win. All the cars within Formula One are extremely powerful by going from 0 to 160 kliometres per hour in under five seconds, a phenomenal vehicle to say the least. This month we are welcoming the Belgian Grand Prix, held at the Spa-Francorchamps.
This course has been welcome to Jensen Button, who last year finished in pole position. Will the McLaren driver be able to do the same this year at Spa? We think he definitely has a good shot at it, but it remains to be seen with several other strong contenders:
-His former partner Lewis Hamilton has just won the Hungarian Grand Prix and has a great chance to further his attack on the championship rankings if he wins at Spa.
-Fernando Alonso’s campaign isn’t that far off either, he just needs a few pole position finishes to keep his chances for the championship alive. Alonso’s Ferrari no doubt has the ability to win races, however it is a case of who wants it more. Does he still have the necessary drive?
Spa-Francorchamps, located in eastern Belgium is a circuit length of 7 kilometres per lap, giving a total of 308 kilometres for the whole race. One lap is roughly 1 minute 50 seconds. Sebastian Vettel holds the record lap time set at 1 minute 47.26 seconds in 2009.
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